About Steal.GG

We are a team comprised of four individuals whom are driven on the ideals of giving to a vast community at which dedicate so much time towards delving into their favorite video game(s). We all know what it's like to dedicate countless hours towards stacking up against other players on those leaderboards, so we want to help you step up your game by giving away some awesome items!

Brandon Ayers

Chief Executive Officer
A 21-year old internet enthusiast, Founder of Steal dedicated to the facilitation of the site and the Steal Team. Rocket League Lover.

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Sean Day

Chief Financial Officer & Brand Adviser
Founder of numerous websites, including TheTechGame that has over 2.1 Million users, Sean has 17 years of experience with internet startups and will be guiding Steal.gg to reach its goals.

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Gabriel Seal

Chief Community Officer & Creative Director
A 21-year old US Army Veteran, and Graphic Designer with vast experience in various art styles. I usually break stuff.

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Zach Fridline

Chief Operating Officer
An internet and gaming enthusiast with 4 years of community management experience dedicated to providing the best expierence to the Steal members and team. I am also a superhero in my dreams.

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